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Healing Sessions

full fundamental and advanced 

90 mins / £75

full Transference Healing® session, utilising both the fundamental (alchemical)) and Advanced (lightbody) procedures goes for a minimum of one hour to a maximum of two. It is suitable for the support of all ages, conditions, illnesses or needs regarding healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment.

At this time of great change, it is recommended that everyone has a full Advanced Level Transference Healing® session every six weeks until they are mastering more in all aspects of life, from health to the dynamics of their personal reality. 


For those who are struggling with their health, wellbeing or ascension process, weekly or fortnightly healings are recommended until balance is achieved, after which you can return to healings every six weeks, or as needed.


beyond doorways 1

beyond doorways 1 & 2

60 mins  /   £60

This extended Beyond Doorways heling session works with the healing frequencies explored in 'Beyond Doorways - The Mysteries Revealed' by Alexis Cartwright.

In this 60 minute session you will not only receive some of the fundamental Transference Healing® frequencies, but will also experience healing procedures from the Atlantean and Lemurian dimensions, working with the DNA and cellular purification.  You will also experience gridding practices that support alchemical change, assisting your physical body to integrate with the higher aspect of the lightbody.


beyond doorways 1

30 mins  /   £40

This powerful 30 minute session works with some of the fundamental Transference Healing frequencies.  This energetic healing session channels colour, sound, frequency and light into the etheric/physical body and consciousness.  It helps you to maintain  balance and align with the electromagnetic grid of the planet and Universe, supporting you to maintain wellness and raise your frequency. 


This healing offers you insight into your personal and spiritual journey, aiding clarity and enlightenment. 

'Ascension occurs not only in consciousness, but also in body' - Alexis Cartwright 

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing modality that uses elements, sound, colour, alchemy and light to work with the deep levels of your etheric patterning.  It channels universal properties and principles and unifies many of the healing lineages of our past, present and future.  

Transference Healing® works not only with the physical, but also the emotional, mental, spiritual and electromagnetic dimensions of the body and consciousness. 


By raising the frequency of the body and transmuting matter into light, Transference Healing® supports you to integrate with your lightbody, raise your consciousness and live a multidimensional reality.


Transference Healing® does not diagnose a condition by analysing symptoms of disease.  It looks deep within the etheric patterning of the body and reads it with psychic perception. 


By tapping into these inner dimensions of your body and consciousness, I will gain insight into your healing and ascension journey.  I am then able to channel the universal resources necessary to facilitate a divinely orchestrated healing - one that is specific to your own enlightenment process. 


Without touching your body, I will channel natural healing frequencies into your body while intuitively identifying the underlying cause/s of any illness or imbalances, applying specific Transference Healing procedures to your needs. 


An 'intuitive reading' will be given to you at the end of each session, supported by divination tools within the frequencies. 


As Transference Healing is a frequency-healing modality, there is no need for physical contact during the session.  As such, absentee or distant healing sessions are just as effective. 


Transference Healing® supports healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment and is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses.

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